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Mobile Phone Unlock: Unlock Your Mobile and Use it as YOU Want Imagine this ...

1. Your mobile phone is locked to the network it was on when it was first purchased.
2. You order online and instantly get sent the special code to unlock your phone
3. You are FREE to use your phone on other networks.

Right now, your mobile phone is possibly locked to ONLY work on its current network. The mobile phone networks lock the phones, so you can only use it on their network ... Unless you ...

Unlock your Mobile Phone.
If you EVER need to put a different SIM card (chip) in your mobile phone, you may need to first unlock the phone, so it can read ANY SIM (not a 3G USIM) card you put it it.

Once you have unlocked your mobile phone, you can use it with any SIM, in any relevant country!


  You would then be able to ...

  •  Use the phone abroad. You want to make cheaper calls while you are there. To do this, you use a local SIM card, from that country, in your phone.
  •  Use 2 different UK networks. For example, Vodafone might have cheaper daytime rates, while T-Mobile might have cheaper night-time rates.
  •  Switch networks each month, as they change their rates over time, one month using O2, the next using Virgin.
  •  Get more money when you want to sell your mobile phone. You will get more for it if it is unlocked, so the new owner can put any SIM card in it.

If your mobile phone is locked, you will effortlessly be able to unlock your phone now.

How It Works
Mobile Phone Unlock: Unlock Your Mobile and Use it as YOU Want Normally, to unlock your mobile phone, you would need to

  •  Phone around, research and find out where to go,
  •  Travel to a retail store or market,
  •  Give them 10 to 20 to have it unlocked,
  •  Wait 5 to 20 minutes while they unlock it, then
  •  Travel home again!
  • Send your mobile Phone through the post
  • Paying up to £6 or more for postage to send it away
  • Lose the use of your mobile phone for up to a week or more while it's away
  • Pay the unlocking company up to £15 to unlock your mobile phone

Instantly unlock your mobile phone in 3 simple easy steps ...
  1. Order your instant mobile phone unlock now, for only 2.99
  2. Instantly receive an email with the unlock code in it,
  3. Put this in your mobile phone to unlock your phone instantly!

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Instant unlock codes are available for the following mobile phones

Nokia 1100 Nokia 1101 Nokia 1108 Nokia 1600
Nokia 2100 Nokia 2300 Nokia 2600 Nokia 2650
Nokia 3100 Nokia 3108 Nokia 3120 Nokia 3120b
Nokia 3200 Nokia 3210 Nokia 3220 Nokia 3230
Nokia 3300 Nokia 3310 Nokia 3315 Nokia 3330
Nokia 3350 Nokia 3390 Nokia 3395 Nokia 3410
Nokia 3510 Nokia 3510i Nokia 3530 Nokia 3590
Nokia 3595 Nokia 3610 Nokia 3620 Nokia 3650
Nokia 3660 Nokia 5100 Nokia 5140 Nokia 5210
Nokia 5510 Nokia 6010 Nokia 6020 Nokia 6021
Nokia 6030 Nokia 6100 Nokia 6101 Nokia 6108
Nokia 6110 Nokia 6130 Nokia 6150 Nokia 6170
Nokia 6200 Nokia 6210 Nokia 6220 Nokia 6230
Nokia 6230i Nokia 6250 Nokia 6260 Nokia 6310
Nokia 6310i Nokia 6340 Nokia 6340i Nokia 6510
Nokia 6590 Nokia 6590i Nokia 6600 Nokia 6610
Nokia 6610i Nokia 6620 Nokia 6650 Nokia 6651
Nokia 6670 Nokia 6800 Nokia 6810 Nokia 6820
Nokia 6822 Nokia 7110 Nokia 7200 Nokia 7210
Nokia 7250 Nokia 7250i Nokia 7260 Nokia 7270
Nokia 7280 Nokia 7600 Nokia 7610 Nokia 7650
Nokia 7700 Nokia 7710 Nokia 8210 Nokia 8250
Nokia 8310 Nokia 8390 Nokia 8810 Nokia 8850
Nokia 8855 Nokia 8890 Nokia 8910 Nokia 8910i
Nokia 9210 Nokia 9210i Nokia 9290 Nokia 9500
Nokia N-Gage Nokia N-GageQD    


Samsung e700 Samsung v200 Samsung x100 Samsung p400
Samsung s100 Samsung SGH 2100    


LG 510 LG 510w LG 520 LG B1200
LG 7010 LG7020 LG G510 LG 1300
LG B1300 LG M1200    


Frequently Asked Questions
How do I know if my Mobile Phone is locked

The easiest way to check if your mobile phone is locked to your current network is to borrow a friends sim card and put it in your mobile phone. Make sure they are on a different network (note some networks share their service i.e. T-mobile and Virgin, also Tesco and o2). If you get a message on your screen saying 'Sim Card Blocked', or 'Network Blocked' or a similar message it will mean that your mobile is highly likely to be locked.

Why are mobile phones locked and is it illegal

When you buy a new mobile phone most of the suppliers will lock the phone to their network so you cannot put in another networks sim card. This is done to keep you tied to their network and pay them for your all your mobile calls. Despite what some people say it is not illegal to unlock your mobile phone in the UK (if ordering outside the UK please check your countries laws). When your mobile phone is first made it is fully unlocked, the lock is only put on your mobile phone by the network who supplied your phone so you can't use a competitors network.

Why unlock my mobile phone

There are many advantages to having your mobile phone unlocked. It can increase the resale value of your phone if you want to sell it, as the new owner is free to put their own sim card in your phone. You can make savings on your own phone calls as you are free to shop around on other networks for the best tariff prices that suit your needs. If going abroad you may be able to purchase a local sim card that you can put in your mobile and make big savings on your calls while away (you would need to check that your phone will work on the correct frequencies in the country you are visiting).


Mobile phone unlocking available for the following mobile phones


"The service was fast and easy with well set instructions to unlock your phone. Worked straight away with no troubles. Great service!"

Justin Stamp, Carmarthenshire

"Your unlocking service is fantastic. The Orange sim now works, first time.

Robert Pindar, Wilmslow


I just purchased an unlock code from your website for the nokia 8310. I tried it and it worked first time. I was very happy with the results an you have saved me a lot of time and money :)

Thank you,
Jenny Brown"

"Not understanding mobile technology this was my first attempt to unlock a mobile, recieved unlock codes, looked daunting but instructions easy to follow first attempt phone unlocked.From finding your site filling out details to receiving email from you to unlocking phone 20 mins. Excellent."

Barry Gilmore

"Thanks for your very quick response to my phone unlocking request. Your first code worked no problems so I can now take full advantage of all the various offers of cheap calls and texts without worrying about which phone I need to purchase. I am now able to just switch sim cards and off I go. So again I thank you and I will definetly inform all my friends of your swift and friendly service."

Nicole Homer, Lutterworth

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Cheap, hassle free with easy-to-follow instructions.
Job Done!
I'll recommend you to friends, that's for sure.

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Brilliant service, will use you again (and tell my friends)!!"

Jackie Humphries, v. satisfied customer

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